Community ACL – 1.0.16 released – better than ever

That’s right, Community ACL has just gotten easier. We have streamlined our installation process and made several enhancements based on user feedback.

  • New Installer: Because of the growing pains of Community ACL and the various plugins that are needed for it to work, we have developed a brand new installer that uses Joomla! to perform a great deal of the extraction. This is better than relying on PHP, because PHP causes issues on some installations of Joomla!. With the new installer, your plugins and additions will be installed for you. If any issues occur, it will provide a report stating what is happening and how to solve it.
  • Better Documentation: After a long period of lacking documentation (yes we admit it) we now provide quality documentation in great detail for both the usage of the software AND the installation process.
  • GUI Improvements: Based on user feedback, we have provided better GUI enhancements.
  • Bug Fixes: Our commitment is to provide the best quality software available on the net. W will provide continuous updates for bugs and release them as soon as we can.

For a complete list of fixes take a look at our changelog:

—————- 1.0.16 Released– [6-July-2009] ——————-
# Bug Fix    : Issue with Installation Package fixed
# Bug Fix    : Issue with Redirection issue fixed
# Bug Fix     : Issue with undefined variables fixed
# Bug Fix     : Issue with ‘Purge Expired Cache’ Menu item missing fixed
# Bug Fix    : Fixed some synchronization issues that appeared on some servers.
# Bug Fix    : Fixed the redirect issue. The feature was formerly not functional during log in.
# Bug Fix   : Fixed undefined object in the Group/Roles – set access.
+ Addition  : New installer – installs all patch files and plugins for Community ACL with the click of a button
+ Addition     : GUI Updates for the new installer
^ Change    : Hack Page changed to Patch Page
^ Change    : Names of users (under Add Users) for Roles and Groups has been sorted in Ascending order
! Note        : Due to file permissions, the installer will not be able to move or overwrite files. You will need to path the files manually.

If you don’t have Community ACL, this is THE time to increase the security of your site and enhance your users’ experiences.

With great pleasure, I give you Community ACL 1.0.16!

–Steven Pignataro
CEO ‘corePHP’


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