Come to the CMS Expo!

One more month till this years CMS Expo. If you didn’t attend last year’s expo, you missed out on one of the most impressive conferences around!  Take it from us – this event is not to be missed!

How do businesses adapt to a changing web environment?

Whether you are trying to improve an established online or web-based business or you’re just starting out, it’s hard not to notice how rapidly technology and web standards change from year to year. The CMS Expo can help your business expand and grow by using these changes to your advantage. If you attend the expo, you will have a valuable opportunity to participate in training sessions and speak to knowledgeable business owners who are growing successfully in multiple areas of their business. You will learn from real-life executives what works, what doesn’t, and why. You will gain valuable insights in the way of the web and the direction it is going, and you will have an opportunity to learn more about changes in standardization. You will learn about various CMS’s (Content Management Systems) and how they can impact the quality and support you provide to your clients as a company. You will learn which products will work best in your unique environment and for your clients. In short, the CMS Expo is there to help your business begin, refine and grow!

Reach for the Future and Grow you Online Business!

The CMS Expo provides a valuable look to the future. Get cutting-edge information from the most knowledge speakers, presenters, and developers around. Get tips and shortcuts from brilliant designers about how to properly put together your site within Joomla!, Drupal, or WordPress. Learn about the pros and cons of these applications so you can make an accurate, informed decision about which one is right for you. You may even get a sneak peek at what the future has in store. Prepare your business. Come to the CMS Expo.

Quality Courses by ‘corePHP’

This year two of our most talented staff members will be presenting courses packed with content that is much needed in the industry today. Here are the courses and why you should attend:

  • Rafael Corral
    • Joomla! Development 1: Learn the basics of developing components for Joomla! Sometimes you can get stuck on where to get started. Learn about the MVC development structure, jump start your project, and more.
    • Joomla! Development 2: Learn about Joomla! hidden gems, what IDE’s can help you, and advanced development techniques.
  • Jonathan Shroyer
    • CSS Basics: Extremely Useful CSS Techniques: Learn what CSS is and how it works. Discover the basics of designing a site with CSS and pickup some of the hidden secrets.
    • Badass CSS: What They Don’t Teach You In Design School: Learn how to Troubleshoot CSS, some advance CSS techniques and how to use CSS3.

Steven Pignataro will not be speaking this year. Steven and his wife will be having their first child around the CMS Expo event. Steven looks forward to speaking at next year’s event.

A Gift from Us to You:

We are proud to be presenting at the CMS Expo this year. We would like to give you, our loyal clients and customers, a chance to use the information at the Expo to your advantage. Therefore, we have secured a deal to provide you 10% off the admission fee. This truly is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Sign up now, spots are going fast. For your 10% discount, use the following coupon code: core10

–Steven Pignataro
‘corePHP’ CEO


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