CMS Strategies to Uplift Engagement on Your Joomla’s Platform

Joomla is one of the world’s most widely used platform. It is an open-source platform where applications and websites are formulated. Joomla is basically a content management system that will link your application or website with MySQL or MySQLi database. This will make the transferring of data and content management more effortless for both the audience as well as the site owner.

We live in an era where customers have expectations form the brands to meet their real-time needs. Websites are a great tool for the business these days as it can help them in reaching thousands of potential clients without any face to face interaction. According to the stats of 2019, only 64% of small businesses have their own website, and some of them struggle to uplift their user engagement.

Creating a user friendly is essential for enhancing your Joomla website engagement. This platform has been used by many famous brands because of its flexibility and user-friendliness. CMS aids in understanding the behavior of clients by merging their social interactions and what they think about your brand.

Now, if you have created a website on Joomla for your small business but don’t know the strategies to enhance user engagement, then this article will surely be a great help to you.

6 CMS Strategies for User Engagement on Joomla Platform

Persuasive and Smart Content

Engaging your customers and building long term relationships with them is indeed the desire of every business. You need to present your audience with the kind of content that they prefer to read. To write persuasive and smart content for your site, you first need to comprehend your client’s mindset.

Create a more interactive content that immediately catches their attention. Present your audience with relevant information and what other customers thinks about your products.

In this era, where most of the sites are consuming content from a variety of sources, use a different approach, and learn to leverage the content your clients are creating around your services. Also, make sure to link your site content with the interest of your audience.

Building Richer Profiles of Your Customer

One of the most significant advantages of CMS is that it will allow you to have a better understanding of your audience’s behavior. Understanding your audience, their responses, and your interest helps in generating more excellent leads for your brand.

The precise social tool in your CMS will aid in connecting any interactions by your clients on the social media platforms with the profiles you have in your database.

By getting insights into your audience, you can serve them with the right content and ads that interest or fulfill their needs. You can even schedule your ads for later based on the insights you receive when using CMS, which will help in higher user engagement.

Integrating Chat Bots

Online chat support is gaining more and more popular among users these days. It is an excellent way of converting leads into poetical clients. Chats bots feature can quickly grab the client’s attention and keeps them engaged for a longer time. Round the clock availability and quick responses help in client engagement.

None of the customers likes to wait for a longer time. By using chatbots, you can quickly involve your clients before they lose interest. You can supercharge your small business by using the Joomla chat module that provides seamless integration with Joomla. You can easily use this tool for your Joomla based website for including an online chat facility.

Using JomSocial Platform

Joomla is a user-friendly platform with convenient usage of CMS and great tools. To improve your client engagement on your website, you can even create a community of people according to your business and share relevant content and updates by using JomSocial.

Take the example of coursework writing service that used this community software and build a community of writers and students sharing content related to writing and service providers to help students with their coursework. The relevant user will find everything in one place, allowing more and more people to engage with your website and services.

Posting Content on various Social Media Platforms

A content that is led by a social strategy supported by a CMS is of higher value in reaching a larger audience and increase your website traffic. It will increase your interaction with users that help in understanding their interests and behaviors. Creating brand awareness through social media platforms is a beneficial strategy for increasing your website ranks on search engines.

Social media accounts when linked to a content management system with unified social abilities helps in the automatic publishing of the content. It helps in saving the content team as well as maintaining the identity of your brand across all the channels. Moreover, it also benefits in attracting more potential users towards your website.


The ultimate goal for uplifting engagement on your Joomla platform is personalization. When you use a personalized marketing approach, you can fetch maximum information related to your customers and identify the needs of every client that visits your website. 79% of the individuals say that they are likely to engage on a website when its content has been personalized according to the previous interactions they had with that brand website.

Personalization can be of many forms. It can be based on the users browsing history or simple quizzes on your website. You can use customized homepages, suggested content, or location on your Joomla based site. The more personalized is your website; clients are more likely to stick around for longer.


Amanda Jerelyn

Businesses, rather than merely focusing on selling their products and goods, or creating a catchy website, work on increasing their engagement. Improving engagement of your website means adopting a consumer-centric enterprise model that helps in building long term relationships with your clients. These strategies can significantly benefit you in uplifting engagement and allowing your user to have a great experience with your brand.



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