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If you’re a player in the e-commerce game, you need to continuously update to the latest trends of technology to stay ahead of the competition. The team at Retargeting.Biz, one of the best retargeting software in the world, knows this very well and recently released an improved version of this incredible effective and low costs marketing automation tool.

Retargeting is the perfect solution to grow revenues through automated and personalized communication with their current and future customers. The Retargeting.Biz platform brings new and enhanced features that help online stores to increase brand awareness, ROI and conversion rate. We have a whole new architecture and database and these translate into a bigger processing capacity and a faster processing speed. Our retargeting software is now prepared even for big e-commerce events, such as Black Friday.

We also developed a new retargeting algorithm that uses more parameters, for a better output for every customer. This helps us distribute better product recommendations, so if you use our retargeting software expect elevated conversion rate and revenue.

We are proud of our retargeting platform’s new design and user experience that makes it easier for clients to navigate.

Our retargeting company also took care of improving the live triggers, email triggers, reminders and SMS triggers. Here are a few of them, perfect for any online business:

Cart Abandoned Related Products – This is a trigger that takes notice when potential customers don’t finish the order because they haven’t made up their mind on what to purchase, so it displays three propositions that will make them decide more easily. This is a great benefit of our retargeting software!

Product of Interest – This trigger emerged from the need to send out to potential clients the perfect product for them and seal the deal. Retargeting.Biz knows what products your visitors are interested in, therefore they are the ones with the highest chance of acquisition.

Cross Sell – Our retargeting software will analyze the browsing behavior of every user on your website and see what products, from different categories, are a possible match for him. After a client buys something from you, the cross-sell trigger will automatically suggest a few complementary products or services. This marketing automation feature increases the chances that users buy even more from you! Both you and your clients will benefit from our retargeting tool.

Inactivity – It happens to all online stores: people come and go and never return. It’s a pity to spend big marketing budgets to bring traffic the website and then lose it all in favor of competitors. The inactivity trigger is a very effective retargeting feature that detects if a potential customer hasn’t visited you in a while and sends him an email with information about the new products that will entice him to become active again and spend some more money in your online store.

Tell a Friend – It’s always a good idea to reward your brand ambassadors, so this email trigger sends them the good news about their benefits when they refer a friend.

Feedback – In order to provide the best services for your target audience it’s essential to listen to those who have something to say about how you can improve your business. Don’t think that it’s a burden for them to offer helpful suggestion to enhance the user experience, they are always delighted to give their insight on the matter so this trigger sends visitors a few questions about how they feel about your online store.

Happy Birthday! – This retargeting feature uses the database for offering every birthday boy or girl a special discount! What better way to show a potential or current client that you care about him other than sending him an email trigger with all the best wishes and a small incentive on his most important day of the year?

Social Sale – Another simple trigger, with a special offer, just for “the best fans out there”, with a small discount and a thank you note when they give a “like” for a product.

Black Friday – If a visitor leaves your website on Black Friday without buying anything you can be sure that he won’t come back because he’ll find the things he wants on some other website that offers him a bigger discount. So this email trigger recommends the products or services with the greatest discounts, giving you the chance to sell even more on special occasions like this one.

Wishlist – Retargeting is a very powerful tool that helps e-commerce owners move forward in the sales funnel. It delivers very personalized and perfectly timed messages that drive conversions. And the wishlist trigger gives marketers a head start in convincing people to buy what they need or desire. It offers great prices for the products people put aside hoping that one day they’ll buy them and urges them to close the deal before others do it. That’s why everybody loves retargeting!

We are very excited about our new retargeting platform and its enhanced features, created in order to help online businesses to better reach their target audience and we would love to hear your opinion. Visit and tell us your first impressions.


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