Building Your E-Commerce Cart to Avoid Abandoned Carts

An e-commerce cart is the most important element for having a successful online business. This is the software that manages all your transactions online and lets your customers enjoy your services.

Therefore, it is necessary that you build your basic building block with utmost care so that over time it doesn’t become an abandoned block in your whole system and lead to various problems and instabilities.

We had already discussed how abandoned carts can affect your business in a previous article. Have a look, Avoid The Dangers of Obsolete E-Commerce Software.

So, how do we solve this problem?

Applying Latest Design Philosophies

The design is always dynamic. New design trends go away as fast as they come.

If you want to keep up with the trend and build a future-proof e-commerce cart, then you certainly need to research the current design trends as well as the upcoming trends and build your cart accordingly.

The better, simpler and cleaner the design, the more are your chances on closing a sale.

Something new has always been of a mystery and a risk to people. So does a new design, but you know that taking risks can be worth, don’t you?

When the responsive design was new, it seemed attractive but there were risks about how customers would react to it, like tapping the menu button to reveal sliding menus on mobile devices which are generally visible all the time on desktops.

However, within a short span of time responsive design was one of the biggest design changes that have ever happened to the World Wide Web.

Are you ready to take the game to the next level?

Building on Current E-Commerce Technologies

Building an e-commerce cart on old technologies is like building a house with degraded wood, which you know will tumble anytime.

Technology, like the design, is always changing. If you want to build a future proof cart, then you need to build it on the base of the currently available technologies which will fuel up your cart.

Before building your cart, you need to conduct a research on what your requirements demand and whether there are available technologies to build up your cart the way you want.

After deciding what technologies you want to use for building your cart, the most important step is to find out the latest releases of those tools, languages and platforms so that you don’t end up building your cart on outdated technologies.

One of the main reasons behind this is that different components in the language used to develop the cart get deprecated with time, thus following the latest specifications will ensure that your cart is built using components which are not going to fade away anytime soon.

Being aware of Security Threats

Hackers are everywhere and some general security measures aren’t going to stop them from stealing your customer’s credit card details.

New hacking methods emerge every day and so does their prevention methods. Before building your cart, you need to ensure that you have studied and are ready to apply a full range of blocking mechanisms to prevent any kind of hacking into your online shopping system.

If not taken care of properly, your cart can give rise to many loopholes which can be exploited by the hackers to get into your system, steal data, or break your system down.

You don’t want to leave some gaping holes in your system, do you?

Ensuring Maintenance

Nothing in this world can stay evergreen if you don’t maintain it periodically. Likewise, if you ditch your software in the dark and expect it to keep working properly, it won’t.

Periodically maintaining your cart will ensure that you have an updated design, using the latest technologies for smooth operation and also are well protected from having a security breach.

How can ‘corePHP’ help?

We at ‘corePHP’ believe in developing and deploying modern web applications to keep our clients ahead in the game.

We have a team of developers who have a good experience in creating shopping carts that are modern in every aspect, be it design or the core technology that powers them. We also maintain them to ensure that the systems are well protected from hacking attempts and also your cart doesn’t become an abandoned one.

We are here to help you, contact us and let’s build your business together.


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