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Making a website that encourages sharing and discussion on your favorite hobby doesn’t need to be a chore.

The technology boom of the 90s and 2000s has lead to some incredible advances; computers have become faster and smaller, wireless connections makes keeping in touch trivial, and the internet has become a font of knowledge from which one may sip carefully at, such as when cheating at a quiz, or drink heavily from in a Wikipedia binge that expands horizons and understanding. You can also watch funny cat videos, which I suppose is the equivalent of using a curly straw at the aforementioned font of knowledge; it’s not sophisticated, but it’s fun, and that’s all that matters!

Perhaps the most impactful of these innovations is more subtle than an increase in power or decrease in size; it is the propagation of the concept of community. In the past, people were locked to their own little sections of the world, and finding fellows that share your love of music, video games or any other passion was often a tiring and rewardless endeavor. With communication now virtually instantaneous, the world is smaller than ever and opinions, passions and inspirations can be shared with the world, and communities built up around them.

Put your thoughts out to the world, and inspire a community of your own; create a website that brings people together. With the right CMS and the right template, your site can have a look that drives interest and encourages participation from your visitors. Of course, creating such a template is hard work; that’s where GavickPro comes in. We’ve been making templates for Joomla! and WordPress, the 2 most popular CMSs out there, for more than seven years; it’s safe to say that we know our stuff. We’re not into sitting around doing nothing either, as we keep integrating new technologies and techniques into our templates to keep them cutting-edge.

Want to see what we have to offer? Here’s look at two of our community-focused templates that will give you an idea of just how impressive our designs are; what’s more, with a quickstart package that installs the CMS, modules, configuration and sample data all at once, your site can be ready to go in minutes. Our social media templates and themes are built with support for BuddyPress and JomSocial to help give your community a kick-start.


Information / Live Demo

In recent years the focus of mainstream technological design has been in an area that would appear incredibly unlikely just a decade ago; tablets and touchscreen devices. Tablets had originally seen life in the late 90s/early 2000s, though this led to little success even with the behemoth that is Microsoft supporting the push, and UMPC’s received a short burst of interest in the mid-2000s, though the price relative to performance was too high for the average consumer. It wasn’t until Apple released the iPad that the market really started to take off, thanks to their targeting of general internet users in their marketing rather than the traditional ‘geeky’ marketing of the past.

Now, implementing touch interfaces into devices is demanded by consumers, and websites need to be built to support this development. Our (M)Social template is the first of our templates to utilize our latest Grid GK module, that creates a grid that can contain other modules, text/image links, videos; pretty much anything you desire, with a configurable layout too! A perfect layout for touchscreen users, since the large, chunky grid elements can be viewed easily on any device and their size makes it easy to navigate, instead of battling with tapping tiny menu items on a webpage. What’s more, the grid is fully-responsive, so no matter whether a user checks your site on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone they will get the full experience; your community will be able to link up with your site no matter where they are.

Music State


Information / Live Demo

The language of music is universal; one can understand the emotion driving a song through the key used, the intonation of the singer voice, or the tempo. Even without understanding the lyrics, a song can convey meaning. With a power such as this, it’s no wonder that music is so often used to bring a community together; a shared love of music can be the ultimate icebreaker! With the Music State template by GavickPro, you can share your love of music with the world and bring people together, whether you’re a raver, punk, metalhead or simply enjoy all music. Music doesn’t have to be the only focus though; whatever hobby you are dedicated too, you can be sure there are others out there looking for a community to share it with.

Music State includes the Grid GK module popularized in our (M)Social template and all the customization and aesthetics it brings, and also throws in a parallax scrolling effect to give an additional layer of depth to your site. Ultimately, it is your content and community that will define your site, but that doesn’t mean that your design can’t be innovative and eclectic; use Music State, and stand out.

These are just 2 of the many templates offered by GavickPro, with new ones released monthly, but all of our templates come with excellent features provided by our Gavern Framework, that underpins all of our designs. Features such as:

  • Predefined Styles, that let you change your website with a single click.
  • Social API: Add a like, share or pin it button to your posts to encourage your users to spread the word!
  • Theme Branding: Change logos and slogans, add/remove copyright information.
  • Support for Google Fonts and Squirrel fonts gives you a wide selection of fonts to choose from.
  • 2 menu types: a Classic menu and modern, touchscreen-friendly aside or overlay menu, plus configurable menu widths and animations.
  • Cookie Law support, so EU-based customers can make sure their website meets current cookie law requirements instantly.
  • Layout controls: Change widths for each display type and configure the sidebar.

With the great features provided by our templates and Gavern framework, you can build a website unique to you quickly and easily.


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