Best Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has become a major platform for several businesses to give them a better pitch and a vast audience to promote their products. That’s the reason most businesses have moved toward Instagram to make their online presence and get enough benefits.

But if even after having an Instagram presence you aren’t able to achieve your goal, it’s time to learn some new tactics and methods to grow. You need to learn ideas that how to sharpen up your strategies and gain real followers and organic traffic. If you are running a business, having a larger audience will help you better as it will give you more opportunities to engage with your customers and sell more products with unique experiences. Sometimes most brands look for shortcuts to increase their engagement. They pay to buy Instagram followers or likes and other methods to create engagement for their posts. Although these methods are good shortcuts they wouldn’t work in the long term and never worth it. Because the Instagram algorithm is continuously checking low-quality content and any suspicious activity. And it takes instant action regarding any activity.

What if you are having enough Instagram followers but still there isn’t good engagement on your posts? Buying followers and using shortcuts will all go in vain because you are not getting enough purchases and brands are not contacting you.

Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

We’ll help you grow your organic traffic and generate content that converts. Below are some tips for you:

Keep a Schedule of Posting Content

Instagram works with a proper algorithm and to post content on this platform that would be worthy for you is to create a schedule for it. If you have got followers fast, you are lucky enough now you need to take care of them. Look when they are engaging the most in a day and then post it according to that period. If you are posting content at any time of the day and changing this schedule daily, this would be the worst thing to happen. This time differs from the area and you need to research to find the best times to post on Instagram. Now you need to stick to that schedule for the perfect experience. This will help you build a consistent relationship with your followers. Even if you forget to post at the required time, still you can manage to do so by using the scheduling or optimal time feature.

Value your Audience

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while posting content is to give value to your audience. A Lasrger audience means more engagement and hence more opportunities for a unique experience. This will help you get more organic buyers and will develop an interest in your customers. You should show your presence in front of your audience all the time or at least make them feel that you are always there for them. Manage contests or promotional posts on Instagram this will create a larger audience for your brand. Urge your followers to repost your content or ask them to share your post with their friends. Collaborate with Instagram users that have a larger audience just like famous influencers. They’ll share your content with their larger audience and they’ll revert to you. That’s a form where the idea of co-marketing and marketing collaborations comes from.

Make a Unique Change in Your Instrument Account

Before you do anything to gain more followers and increase your audience you need to have a look at your profile. Check if it needs any changes or if you have fully optimized it. First of all look at the bio of your account and other details including profile image, username, captions of your images, and picture selection. These all things make up your identity. You can add a link to your website or other handles in your Instagram bio to generate traffic from your social media to websites. Before adding links to your posts, it’s better to look at the relevance of your posts. If there isn’t any relevancy this wouldn’t give a good impression of yours to your audience. Also while choosing your user name or brand name, make it as realistic and easy to search as you can. Keep it search-friendly and close to your actual name and your brand name. Even if you need to shorten it up, make it short in such a way that is recognizable to your audience. Adding numbers and special characters in your user name will create difficulty for the user to search. No matter if they look cool. You need to optimize your account according to Instagram marketing strategies.

Schedule Instagram Posts

As described earlier that you need to post content when you think you’ll get more reach. As the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot and it urges you to post content your followers like at the right time. Even if you forgot to post the content at the right time you can use different tools to schedule your Instagram content easily. It’s a smart idea to schedule your content in advance, as the entire team would be able to see the campaign and schedules. By scheduling, your content you can be able to manage a consistent flow of content.

Avoid Fake Followers

Most of the users look towards shortcuts to increase their reach and get more audience. Some even look for several ways to buy Instagram auto likes to engage more users. But nothing is as perfect as organic followers, as it’s a permanent solution and you wouldn’t be able to have the perks that organic followers can give you. Even if you have a large number like 15,000 fake followers, you’ll hardly get some hundred likes. As the Instagram algorithm will remove the bots and fake followers. This will result in zero engagement for you while having real followers means enough likes, comments, sharing, and engagement to your Instagram posts. Also, you would love to run your Instagram handle when the audience would be responding.

Knowing the best and bad ways of Instagram presence will help you create a better network and you’ll be able to get more organic engagement. Hope these tips and effective strategies will help you to grow online.


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