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Still haven’t made the leap to join paGO Commerce? What’s the holdup? Well, now is a perfect time to go knee deep as we are excited to announce the immediate availability of Joomla’s powerful e-commerce solution paGO Commerce 2.1. The great e-commerce platform has now become AMAZING. Learn more below about some of the great new features, or take a leap of faith and begin downloading and using paGO Commerce 2.1 now!

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SEO Wingman – Search Engine Optimization as a Service

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Now that you finally launched your e-commerce store on paGO Commerce, take it to new heights with the debut of SEO Wingman. What is SEO Wingman you ask? As you are beginning your voyage flight on the platform, SEO Wingman is designed to work as your wingman and take you to the next level. Isn’t this where everyone desires and needs to be in order to be successful? When it comes to search engine optimization, every store needs to keep their site highly ranked and on your prospective customer’s radar. So, don’t get taken advantage of by so-called “SEO Experts” and drive traffic to your site and boost sales. SEO Wingman drives qualified off-site traffic to your site to further increase your online presence. With paGO Commerce and SEO Wingman, your e-commerce platform now exceeds the big brand e-commerce platforms in native SEO capabilities, including Magento, BigCommerce and all Joomla-based carts.

While stores can easily establish themselves online, they do little to nothing to take the next step in the process of establishing themselves as an authoritative figure. Many do not know what they even need to do next. SEO Wingman gives you the capabilities to utilize this service to push qualified traffic to convert. The last thing you want to do is to build your foundation online and have little to no traffic visiting and buying. This service allows you to target specific products, or even target specific keywords to drive those users to your site from various leads and services.

Many e-commerce platforms and CMSs are well known for their SEO abilities, but paGO Commerce takes it to the next step and makes SEO the top priority. Now is the time to take the highly anticipated SEO Wingman and take flight and boost your SEO capabilities.

paGO Commerce Available as Omnichannel Solution

Do you run a brick and mortar store along with having an online presence? Now is your time to combine your payment processors into one system. With a partnership with International Bancard, paGO Commerce is now available as an omnichannel solution. This means paGO can now serve as your payment processor of choice for your customers shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a brick and mortar store. For more information, click here. Contact us if you are interested in this service for your paGO Commerce store.

paGO QuickPay for Subscriptions

Another feature that has been in demand has been the ability to sell subscription based products on paGO QuickPay. Whether it is a digital or physical subscriptions, you can now provide your service to your customers on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. If you want to lure more customers, why not set a trial price for your subscription. If that isn’t meant for you, have your customers go immediately into their paid subscription. For seasonal companies, such as Sprout BC, you can set a start and an end date for your subscription period. Your customers have the ability to manage their subscriptions on the frontend, but you can also view the information in the backend.

paGO QuickPay Security Updates

Who doesn’t like a little extra sense of security? With paGO Commerce 2.1, you gain added security with additional authorization for paGO QuickPay. This helps to minimize the risk of fraud.

Single Page Checkout Improvements

Considerable improvements have been made to the checkout process. It is faster and more streamlined. You can now skip requiring shipping information from your customers. An example of when this would be important would be if you are selling online subscriptions, and that is all you are doing. There is no need to have the shipping requirement. You can now just collect an individual’s address for billing, and skip the process of adding a shipping address.

Updates to Shipment Backend

We are excited to share that we have redone how some of the shipments are processed within paGO. Additionally, users can now bypass the cart and go directly to the checkout page.

Twilio Plug-in Added into Backend

Begin receiving SMS messages as a store owner any time an order is processed. With the Twilio plug-in added into the paGO backend, store owners can receive an SMS message notifying them that an order had been received.

Improvements to Template Overwriting for Developers

Template functionality now allows developers an easier way for overwriting the built-in template within paGO Commerce. You asked, and now you receive. Make your store look more customized than every before.

Changelog Notification

paGO Commerce store owners can now receive backend notifications directly within paGO anytime a new release has been deployed. The changelog will display the exact feature that has been added to paGO.

Backend Chat Support

Receive immediate support within the backend of paGO Commerce directly with us via a chat plug-in. In the lower right-hand corner, you can chat with a member of the ‘corePHP’ support team anytime you have a burning question regarding paGO Commerce.

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