Advanced Marketing Strategies during a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges never experienced before by many people in their lifetime. Shrunk economic activities, massive lay-offs, restricted global movements, and lockdowns have left many businesses bleeding.

How can businesses avoid closure and continue to shun profits and revenue in such a time? This requires new thinking and quick actions. These are some of the top tips that businesses can employ to stay afloat: –

  • Enhancing e-commerce ability and functions
  • Putting huge resources in their digital marketing efforts
  • Exploring ways to empower local solutions providers
  • Embrace business process outsourcing.

Digital marketing for instance during a pandemic may encounter heavy traffic thereby diluting your efforts. This, therefore, calls for COVID-19 marketing strategies to transition properly in the pandemic.

Let’s review some of the advanced marketing strategies businesses can employ

  • Improve your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization helps businesses be more discoverable to search engines and consequently to users. Contracting SEO expert to conduct an audit in your site can help you make changes that can translate into high search rankings

These are some of the areas that can be highlighted from an audit

  • Backlinks– To enhance the authority of a domain, backlinks play a huge role. Backlinks help to earn votes of confidence to a site. Sites with links from high authority sites get higher rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). An expert like Puya Turkiyan can help you improve your backlink score by making recommendations.
  • Mobile-friendliness– A big percentage of users prefer mobile devices to access the internet. Search engine audit can help identify issues like tablet bounce rate, desktop time rate, mobile time rate, and other aspects that can give clear insights. With a scientific analysis of mobile friendliness, you can make informed adjustments.
  • Keyword audit– Keywords help users get to their intended answers. Keywords placed in strategic areas such as title tags, URL, images, body, and metadata improve your chances of higher rank in SERPs. An expert can, for instance, help you identify areas for keyword improvement in the body.

Organic traffic is responsible for a good percentage of visitors to your site. Investing in a good SEO strategy ensures you receive tons of visitors which are critical in building your sales funnel.

  • Enhance your Content Marketing Strategies

In the customer sales journey, content marketing plays a huge role. Content helps transit buyers from the awareness stage to advanced level such as advocate with ease. Digital assets such as blogs, videos, magazines, e-books, social media posts can act as lead magnets in that process.

It is therefore important to have tangible actions to help convert leads into buyers. Below are some of the areas that can help you craft a winning strategy: –

  • Conduct Intent-based keyword research– This is key in ensuring the blog, video, info graphs, or an e-book you produce is premised on customer intentions. Keyword research tools help you gain detailed insights on the number of people interested in any topic.
  • Make your Content-rich– The variety of content enhances and makes your audience glued. Working with the content and digital team, you should ensure there are informative images, info graphs, videos, short articles, quick tips, and even audio messages.
  • Social media Sharing– Websites are complemented by social media channels to get the necessary traffic. Brands should promote their content in social media to leverage the huge audience. Plugins or functions that allow social sharing should be scrutinized to ensure they are working as well.

As experts put it, content is king on the internet. Global internet giants have reported increased internet traffic so a clear content development and distribution can help tap into it.

  • Enhance your Social Media Marketing

The latest statistics show that there are approximately 3.2 billion active social media users globally, which is 42% of the global population. The other fascinating fact is that users spend an average of 2 hours and 24minutes daily on various social media sites.

These statistics is projected to increase as more people tend to work from home. How can companies align themselves to tap into social media traffic?

Here are some strategies to employ to enhance their growth and survival.

  • Select the best Social Media Platform- Brands and companies make mistakes by not evaluating which social media best suits their objectives. If for instance, your target market is fashion designers, it would best be suited to sign-up on Instagram. Brands can heavily benefit from being on platforms where their customers are.
  • Be on the lookout for insights and trends- Due to ever-changing consumer preferences, there a list of growing trends that businesses need to capture. Video, for instance, is one of the most preferred types of content on the internet currently.

It’s projected that by 2021 internet users will be spending 100 minutes every day watching videos online.

  • Utilize social media analytics fully – Analytics will help you acquire smart insights that can be built on. During the pandemic, margins may shrink and this calls for the minting of small opportunities.

For businesses to thrive, utilizing the opportunities in social media will be key. This will supplement other marketing strategies also.

  • Lead Nurturing and Retargeting.

For a business to succeed you must keep the sales funnel alive. Lead nurturing and retargeting can help you keep business going even in hard times. How can you retarget and nurture leads, below are some top suggestions? –

  • Email-Marketing– Establish methods to collect e-mails from prospective clients. This will help you develop your media or direct contact with leads. By utilizing email marketing tools and analytics, you can sell specific products to them.
  • Pixel tracks– Pixel tracking is a tool that was created by Facebook to collect leads from your website visitors. This can help you in launching laser sharp strategies to nurture and re-target these clients.
  • Abandoned shopping baskets– In e-commerce, clients at times do not close sales leaving shopping baskets midway. Collecting data and insights about these consumers can help you re-target them and hopefully close the sales.

Protecting your leads amounts to shielding your customer base from the competition. Lead nurturing and re-targeting should also be the center of your strategy.

Which Marketing Strategy will win Pre and Post COVID-19?

As the business continues to hurt and looming recession is on the horizon, great marketing strategies can prove to be the lifeline. Search engine optimization can for instance prove masterstroke to your survival strategy. Conducting a thorough S.E.O audit and utilizing keyword tools can assist you to steer clear of the competition.

No one solution fits all. Depending on the available resources, unique tweaks can be made to keep your business running even during a pandemic.


Maurine Hughes Advanced Marketing Strategies during a Pandemic

Maurine Hughes is a digital marketing executive who works by planning, developing, and implementing digital marketing strategies for individuals and businesses. Maurine also trains the marketing team of a company to ensure that they can meet their marketing goals.
During her leisure time, Maurine writes articles about digital marketing and then publishes them online.




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