These 9 Benefits of ReactJs for App Development Disrupting

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By using ReactJS, app developers enjoy plenty of advantages. It is the most versatile technology for web and mobile app development projects. ReactJS comes as an open-source, front-end library based upon JavaScript language that can be easily leveraged to develop smooth, interactive and intuitive UI for web and mobile app projects. According to particular project needs, developers can allow changing the source code.

Let’s look at some of the leading advantages of using ReactJS for web and mobile app projects. 

ReactJs for Enterprise App Development

ReactJS facilitates the building of reusable UI components. The JavaScript library also handles the “view” components of app projects. This makes the technology ideal for tweaking the look and feel of any app as per requirement.

On the other hand, its modular and dynamic nature fulfils the performance demands of an app project. Businesses who hire ReactJS developers in India for their enterprise app projects also get the advantage in terms of budget. No wonder, React continues to be popular for enterprise app projects.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM allows React to create a web page copy within its virtual memory. This representation of the original DOM through a virtual memory ensures lightweight development while not losing the advantages.

For every modification within the app project, the full user interface is rendered through the virtual DOM. The virtual DOM representation just the changes in components are updated, and thus the app remaining fairly functional becomes lightweight. The result is faster and low-cost app development.


JSX, the abbreviation of JavaScript XML, comes as a markup language like HTML. It is highly effective in depicting the look and feel of the app UI. The syntax makes creating React components much easier.

Being very similar to HTML, JSX helps create the components or the building blocks of an app much easier. Writing components become much more effortless and smoother thanks to this markup language.

Unidirectional Data Flow 

One of the key reasons businesses hire Reactjs developers for their web or mobile app projects is the unidirectional data flow. Because of this unidirectional data flow, developers can control data flow from one single point.

On top of that, Reactjs, by using Flux architecture, ensures optimum control of data flow. Apart from more control over data flow, the same feature also ensures the app’s optimum flexibility and efficient performance.

SEO Focused

There can hardly be any debate about the importance of SEO (Search engine optimization) for a brand’s online success. Typically, web apps that take a considerable time to load are given lower rank by Google.

The web app needs to ensure faster loading and optimum rendering speed for a higher ranking on Google searches. In these respects, ReactJS has an edge as it can deliver fast rendering speed compared to most other JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

Reusable Components

ReactJS is a robust JavaScript library that grows with new and reusable components. These components can be used by developers anytime in combination with other React components.

This ensures lesser time consumption for developing an app. As developers can use these components at several different places with the least hassle, multiple app projects can be easily benefited.

Huge Toolset 

ReactJS, over the years, has created a truly diversified user base and developers from all over the world continue to make additions in the form of tools, components and troubleshooting queries. On the other hand, the active support from the Facebook developer team, besides the community support, comes with many solutions.

When it comes to using the advanced and latest technologies for real-world app contexts, React continues to go with a robust range of tools. For example, recently helped React Web developers with React & Chrome dev tools.

Great Stability

For app developers across the niches and categories, ReactJS offers more stability than most other JavaScript frameworks and libraries. This stability is the direct result of its downward and unidirectional data flow. To put it even more simply, any modification with the child structure does not impact the parent structure.

This allows easier changes in the app project. For example, a ReactJS developer willing to change an object just needs to change the state. Following this step, the developers can update the app. This results in stability of the code and glitch-free app performance.

Unparalleled Backing of the Developer Community 

ReactJS is the leading JavaScript library with a robust community that can offer assistance to developers whenever they face any problem at any point. Experienced React developers are often seen busy helping beginners or new developers by giving replies to their queries on various developer platforms such as

Stack Overflow. 

Their continuous support of other developers makes React an excellent technology for app projects of all types. When it comes to expert uploaded tutorials and other online resources online, ReactJS offers the most spectacular repository of support.

Declarative UI

Reactjs over the years has emerged as the best JavaScript library for delivering engaging and intuitive user interfaces for both mobile apps and web apps because of its declarative UI elements.

Thanks to the declarative UI, whenever there is any data modification, Reactjs can render and update just the components required for the same. ReactJS creates a straightforward view for every app state ensuring optimum code readability and easier bug fixing.


Here we have covered almost every advantage that makes ReactJS so popular as a frontend development technology. If we miss anything, it is probably the low learning curve this library offers. If you have any working knowledge of JavaScript, you can learn using React in no time, despite its lack of framework and the guided path.

Author Bio:

Juned Ghanchi is Co-Founder & CMO of IndianAppDevelopers, a leading Web and Mobile app development company based in Ahmedabad, India. With over 10 years of experience in managing iOS, Android, AR, VR, and Mobile Game applications projects for software companies, Juned brings deep domain expertise in software technologies and established category leadership among IndianAppDevelopers clients.


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