8 Tech Tools that will Help Bring Digital Transformation to Your SMB

Digital transformation has been very much procrastinated in the small businesses sector and this has derived negative effects. Although many small businesses delay subjects such as implementing technologies like cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, they can leverage their revenue exponentially by prioritizing these matters.

Some businesses lack even the basic necessities of a digital transformation, like developing a responsive website or mobile app to increase their business’ mobility. If you somehow fall short in developing a successful digital transformation plan, here are 8 tech tools that will bring digital transformation to your SMB


Node.js simplifies the process of creating a website on both the front and back end as well as APIs. It is very important for small businesses to have a digital representation on the worldwide web and there is no better way of doing so than creating a website.

Developers of websites for startups have found great success in using Node.js and if you’re a programmer too, you can save a lot of time by using this tool. Developers can use the same language for both the front and the back end of the website being created, which limits the time used rewriting code.

Google URL shortener

Google URL shortener helps small businesses minimize the many different links they might want to share on social media or other channels. Long URLs could easily irritate the audience and, in some cases, could even consume the majority of space in that post being made.

To combat that, Google has enabled websites to have an URL shortening tool that will make their posts look neater when sharing that particular link.

Small businesses can use this tool to shorten links they post on social media to get a higher engagement and click-through rate. All you have to do is paste the long URL on the shortening tool and then you will get a much shorter and neater link.


Rocketium has brought the future of video content creation by enabling small businesses to automate this process. If small businesses would like to automate video creation processes in their day to day operations, they can choose this tool.

Above automating videos, Rocketium also automates creating display ads that are images for social media or other digital marketing purposes. The personalized videos that this tool creates could be the glue between your company and the audience you are targeting. Also, the time that is you’re using to create videos and marketing images can be better used to do other important tasks that could grow the business.

Whether it’s creating a business video or a personal profile video, this great tool won’t disappoint you. For more on this, go through top resume reviews.


Trello can solve the classical modern-day dilemma of collaborating different teams or employees on one project. Nowadays, even small companies may have different employees or teams collaborating on a single project and, in that way, need software that will manage the entire process.

If you also need that kind of digital transformation in your business, choosing Trello can be very beneficial. The tool allows various teams to work on projects and manage the different project pipelines effectively.

Small businesses can benefit greatly from the results of using this tool, which is enhanced efficiency and further digitalization of the company.


ZipBooks takes care of the most annoying part of running a small business – accounting. For most, this entire process is time-consuming and very tedious and this is where the ZipBooks tool comes in. The worst part is that small companies can’t delegate the task to accounting firms because they may be way out of budget for them.

To solve that problem, ZipBooks makes bookkeeping and accounting very easy for you but it can also help you manage invoices much better. With this tool, small businesses can easily send and receive invoices that are due without facing the complexities of doing so on your own.

Another service that you can use to ease your work related to accounts and finance number crunching, data analysis and research papers is the best paper writing services. The expert academic writers there can provide you with high-quality business research papers, white papers and data reports that can really make your presentations and reports stand out.


TensorFlow can help bring Artificial intelligence in your business because it is a framework that uses one of the subsets of this technology. The tool uses machine learning to gather data and use it to learn more efficient processes of certain tasks involved in the operation of the company.

Some have used TensorFlow to power their chatbots and within a couple of months, this technology could answer the majority of the customer queries they face.

Small businesses could follow the same suite and increase their customer satisfaction rate by using this tool to create their own chatbots. When customers are happy, they will be most likely to call again or recommend the business to others.


Hootsuite can be a great asset for small businesses that need to create a huge social media presence. They can use this tool to manage their social media accounts with great ease all at once. There are other features that could help small businesses stay on top of their social media marketing game.

Those features include post scheduling, providing analytical data, easy team management of the accounts and many others.

Also, small businesses can also get some valuable information on how to grow their social media presence and better manage their accounts. Essentially, it will help small businesses take over their social media marketing campaign and manage it very efficiently.


Stripe helps small businesses tap into the digital commerce sector because it enables them to handle the prospects of this business model financially. Digital commerce businesses need to accept different types of payment for online purchases. Stripe helps them handle online payments in the best way possible with their multi-party payment system.

Small businesses from different countries can manage these payments easily with this tool, which simplifies one of the biggest problems the eCommerce websites face.

You can easily manage subscriptions with this tool if you’re running a subscription-based business model. The best part is that Stripe is suitable for all types and sizes of online businesses which makes it perfect for SMBs.

The bottom line

These tech tools will sure get you started on your digital transformation strategy applicable to the small business you’re managing. There are various tools that you can use for different purposes like project management, accounting, and even social media marketing techniques. Choose the ones most relative to the small business you are running and implement them without procrastinating this important matter.

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