6 Must-Use Tools for an SEO-Friendly WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the leading CMS (Content Management System) sites. It has an immense following throughout the world. It offers users to create personal or professional blogs and websites. Nowadays many companies started their online websites and they need viewers. So, SEO helps them in gaining viewership along with customers. So, there are certain tools one can use to make their WordPress site or blog get more viewership. Here is the study of some of such important tools.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a CMS service which is used by 30.6% of the top 10 million websites. WordPress is an open source free service which can be availed by laymen who don’t have the knowledge of creating a website or portal using software techniques. Thus, it helps out many such people who don’t have that software assistance or capability.

WordPress enables to create a website with its tools and one can create a site of his/her own choice using different templates, according to the requirement. Now, what is the use of SEO in WordPress? Why is it necessary?


Search Engine Optimisation is the full form of SEO. It is now a widely used assistance to increase traffic to one’s site through various possible methods. When a company’s website is good but doesn’t have high viewership, then they have to implement a certain marketing strategy to enhance the viewership and improve the ranking in SERP. SEO is helpful in getting that improvement by implementing various methods.

Tools in WordPress:

One can easily create a website using WordPress but it is one’s own responsibility to make the website easily accessible and reach out to the maximum crowd on the web. Otherwise, there is no use creating a website. So, to make things simpler for the customer, there is this emergence of certain WordPress friendly tools to make one’s website develop a good site. The process is more like we preparing a PowerPoint Presentation for a work, where we use many tools to improve the value of our work. Similarly, WordPress has got many such tools to improve and develop the website and these tools have many purposes.

Out of all types of tools, there are tools which help the user to know details regarding the viewership.Among those tools, some tools are designed that they are SEO friendly i.e. they can be used to increase the ranking of the website using SEO methods.

Best SEO Friendly Tools:

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The SEO tools include many services like comparing site audience, keyword analysis, site crawling, Digital analytics tools, paid search analysis, ranking tools, link removal tools etc. These tools are very helpful in developing the website in terms of ranking and viewership.

Considering many such tools, here is the list of 6 most helpful WordPress SEO friendly tools:


It is a Keyword finding tool. The SEO cannot be possible without this term called KEYWORDS. Any website or article has certain keywords and that repeats many times in the process. So, identifying a keyword is most necessary action in the entire process. Using these tools, whenever a web user types that word the website of the client is suggested by these tools. This increases the online traffic of the website.

It is paid tool software which enables different service. It allows seeing the keywords which the competitor with higher ranks uses so that we can adopt similar keywords on our website.

SEMrush also has a tool where it helps finding the ranking position of a site. It works on marketing strategies to be built so that the traffic of the site improves. SEMrush in ranking section is a freemium service tool where it is a paid service in keyword selection.

Yoast WordPress Plugin:

It is a content effective tool which helps in evaluating the content of the site and it enhances the quality of our service. The quality of the content plays an important role in improving the viewership. Any marketing strategy can bring the viewer to visit our site but it is our content which should drive the user to his destination.

The Yoast tool uses its effective measures which help increase the quality of our content which makes our content SEO friendly. The user gets the best of the information and the user experience is also enhanced using these tools. It is available as a freemium type of service. We also have certain free tools like” outdated content finder”, but the quality of Yoast is rewarded more by the users.

All in One SEO pack:

It is a tool which doesn’t need any explanation. The name itself is clear that this tool can perform multiple tasks. The usage of this tool is so easy and the only thing the user must do is that he/she must know what their requirement is. And that ends the issue. This tool is capable of doing the task. It is a tool which even laymen can easily access and get their work done.

Some of the services performed by this tool are:

  1. Helps in avoiding a doubling of any content i.e. reuse of certain information which is not a good sign.
  2. Titles are automatically sent to all search engines
  3. It takes Google analytics’ support and also generates meta tags in the search engines.

Totally it is a great package of many tools at a single place.

SEO by Squirrley:

It is also a content checking tool which is useful in knowing the quality of content. This engages the user to the page and it makes the content look bot friendly. It also makes the site owner/operator to know whether the quality of the content is up to the terms and standards of highly ranked competitors in SEO.

Broken Link Checker:

When the links in the site get broken, it disables the service to the user. All the time it is not always possible for the client to check whether all the links are opened appropriately or not. So here is a tool to check whether all the links are working well and if at all any damage to the links happen, it notifies the admin to check and fix up the issue. So, this tool plays a crucial role in alerting the admin whenever there is some damage.

Outreach plus:

It is a powerful tool which helps in proper marketing of the website. It looks after whether the reach of the website information has safely reached the required destination without being labeled as spam. It targets the email marketing through i.e. sharing information through emails. It has a built-in email client which helps in reaching directly to the mail without dropping into the spam box. The information can be followed up and it also has multi-email setup. It is a great tool to optimize the spending of every rupee we invest in marketing. It takes the responsibility and it’s very easy to operate. Hence it is a highly recommended tool.

There are many such tools but these six find a place among the best.


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Creating a successful and active website isn’t only limited to the creation but also require proper maintenance. So, it is not easy for everyone to be efficient with the technical skill and not many get the time to concentrate only on handling the site. That is when the tools are used to make the SEO process a success and maintain high reach among the viewers. There are many tools but choosing the right one makes one’s work simple and efficient.

Author Bio. :- James Tredwell is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.com who works with unique problems and advanced search situations. He enjoys writing about include latest technologies, ios app development, and SEO.


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