5 Ways of Building a Successful Online Business

The emergence of eCommerce in the decades since the internet was introduced to the world has been a boon to many. The average company, big or small, benefits tremendously from being able to sell products online, and many modern business models take full advantage of online retail in order to eschew the traditional alternative. However, this business model has disadvantages as well, all of which can be overcome with the right tools and information. Here’s what you need to know in order to ensure the success of your eCommerce business.

Money Management

Any business, online or not, has the explicit and singular goal of making money, but this goal can only be achieved by a meticulous balancing act. In order to make a profit, one must first take care of business expenses, also known as overhead, and a company’s profit is what remains after taking both overhead and revenue into account. There are many ways to reduce overhead, some more effective than others, but there are also instances in which taking on additional costs is more beneficial in the long run. The intricate dance of money management is such that one additional cost that pays for itself is that of hiring an accountant. Accounting for small business is a smart long term investment, because an accountant can help you make your money work for you by advising when to cut costs and when to employ experts in order to spend money wisely in order to maximize profits.

Cyber Security

Operating a business on the internet opens a company up to a variety of digital threats, and this is inherently more of an issue for companies that conduct all of their business online. Hackers have historically made the internet a potentially inhospitable place, and that trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. However, cyber security specialists have done an admirable job of countering the best efforts of hackers and overall bolstering the baseline security of the internet as whole in that same time frame. There are numerous tools, such as antimalware software, that can protect your business from the many threats the internet has to offer, for starters, but there are also ways to improve your cyber security with minor training for your employees, as hackers often depend on the technological illiteracy of the average person to perpetrate their attacks. As mentioned above, hiring experts is often a cost cutting option in the long run, and it’s hard to argue against hiring a cyber security team to fill in the gaps of your business’s network security, especially for a business that does all of its work online.

Data Storage and Organization

Data is a tool of tremendous power, as a well informed business can make more informed choices and strategies. However, data presents a number of additional problems that must be overcome. For instance, data is often the target of hackers, which makes businesses more likely to be attacked than the average individual. This only reinforces the need for robust cyber security, but it also means that data storage and organization become a priority. Cloud storage has been widely adopted to accommodate the need for expanded and safer data storage, but the safety is called into question without proper security measures. However, simply having copies of your data in a remote location prevents data loss in the case of hardware failure or hacking, for example. The increased storage capabilities of cloud storage platforms also offsets the dramatic increase in data in recent years.

The organization of data is of importance for a few reasons. Primarily, data that is not sufficiently organized presents added difficulty when it comes time to analyze the data, and that can produce inaccurate or incomplete conclusions that can in turn mislead business strategies that result from the data. Excel and other digital spreadsheet generating apps can help keep data organized by offering a more flexible alternative than traditional methods. The organization of data also enables more secure storage, as everything can be easily accounted for when it’s well organized.

Online Presence

While an online business inherently has an online presence of some kind, the term is used almost exclusively to refer to online representation of the brand, rather than the service itself. Having an online presence is important in the digital age, because more and more people are spending more of their time using the internet, as opposed to watching TV or listening to radio. This is especially true considering the rise of IoT technology that often supplants TV and radio as they once were with internet alternatives. This means that a disproportionate amount of a company’s advertising needs to be online, as well. Advertising on a variety of platforms is an essential part of modern marketing, but that’s not the whole story.

A company website remains a valuable marketing tool, and social media marketing is proving to be essential, as well. Marketing on social media is valuable because it provides not only paid advertising to all users, but also free marketing to your followers. The marketing a company can utilize in social media posts is also quite versatile, as they can be used for advertising among many other valuable marketing techniques. Social media posts can allow you to do many of the same things you could with a press release, for example, and the instantaneous feedback social media allows can be tremendously useful in refining your company’s marketing strategy.


Branding is a subdivision of marketing, and it perhaps the single most important facet of marketing, as it handily affects every other form of marketing. One of the benefits of social media is that it can clarify or expand upon the brand of a company by establishing personality, for instance. Establishing the attitude and values of a brand is becoming increasingly important, as consumers are shown to respond well to approachable or relatable companies, and that kind of branding is facilitated largely by the casual nature of social media.

Running any business presents its share of challenges, but online businesses face additional challenges. However, there are many techniques that are proven to help a company overcome these challenges with relative ease. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to conduct your online business safely and proliferate your brand far and wide.



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