5 Steps to Build an Inbound Marketing Game Plan

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The internet has drastically changed the playing field for marketing. Traditional marketing isn’t cutting it anymore and businesses need a new strategy. Enter inbound marketing. Inbound marketing involves a complex mix of content marketing, SEO, social media and blogging. It offers the perfect solution for cash-poor startups because it’s not about overspending – it’s about outsmarting the competition and investing marketing dollars smartly and effectively. But how exactly do you implement it? That’s where this Inbound Marketing Gameplan Info Graphic comes in. It provides a visual for the steps to building and executing an effective inbound marketing strategy. Let’s take a look:

Step #1: Attract Your Target Audience

First, your potential customer realizes he has a need or a big problem that needs fixing. Your company may be a perfect fit, but you need him to find out about your company first. Draw his attention to your website by posting amazing blog posts, by sending out educational newsletters, promoting yourself through social media or organically through optimized SEO. You’ll increase your SEO, encourage subscribers and get your site indexed by search engines – all working together to drive traffic to your website.

Step #2: Convert Into Leads

Ta-da! Thanks to all the marketing you completed in step one, your potential customer lands on your site. He’s looking for valuable research and stumbles upon your blog posts and informative content. Now you want him to convert into a lead. You need a name, email address, or other key information to so you can move him down the sales funnel. You’ll typically need to offer some “meatier” information in return (like case studies or company assessments) that establishes your company as a thought leader in your field.

 Step #3: Nurture Relationships

Now you need to nurture your relationship with the lead and build trust and respect for your brand. Send him the information you promised and follow up with a thank you email. Entice him to follow you on social media or subscribe to your blog. Offer strong “bottom of the funnel” call to actions, such as a free consultation, a special discount or a free trial.

Step #4: Deepen Relationships

Next, try to deepen your relationship with your potential customer. He’s busy evaluating different venders and making a decision. Now is the time to focus on landing him as a customer. In other words, hand the lead over to your sales department. Provide compelling reasons why he should buy from you. Wow him with an amazing demo or an in-depth consultation. If your inbound marketing strategy has been effective, the lead should trust your company and be ready to do business.

Step #5: Create a Family

Congrats! Your lead converted into a paying customer. Your marketing strategy does not end yet, however. You want to retain that customer for future sales. You also want him to pass on a good word about your company to his friends and family. Implement a customer rewards and appreciation program. Send valuable information and build trust. Continue nurturing the relationship and watch your network grow!

Michael Pignataro


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