5 Logo Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2019


A logo is a form of trademark. 82% of B2 Marketers suggest that brand awareness is the most vital aim followed by transactions and lead generations. The logo gives an organization its identity.

Right after the graphic design trends 2019, comes the logo design trends 2019. Essentially, the logo design trends for 2019 were influenced by the 2019 graphic design trends. Most designers have made use of technology and they’ve decided to go for the best logo designs.

They try not to do away with the old designs completely because. They make a few alterations to change the old designs into trendy ones.

Below are 5 logo design trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

1. Responsive Design Logos

It’s significant to have a multipurpose logo. This logo design trend for 2019 is flexible and it can serve many purposes. The responsive design logo is suitable for different situations.

It doesn’t matter whether you are printing the logo on a marketing pamphlet or on an outdoor billboard. A responsive design logo will still serve the purpose it’s intended for. The idea is to go out there and display the identity of the organization.

2. Perspective-play Logos

Logo designs trend for 2019 offer perspective types of drawings. Moving around with perspective is a superb way of challenging the standards of customary logo design. You want to be unique and to stand out in the industry.

The best logo designs are simple but clever. You want to play with the consumer’s perspective. You can even change the kerning or exaggerate certain features to focus precise qualities of your logo in an unforeseen way.

Before trying it out, seek the help of a graphic designer. The expert will provide a mockup visual which is a great logo design inspiration.

3. Bright Colors

You want your design to stand out right? Top logos have one thing in common. They sparkle!

A little color changes a single point of view. Yet, bright colors have the power to change an entire point of view. You can use color to impose your influence on the people you are targeting.

A study by the Institute of Color and Research showed that 92% of people are driven to buy products because of the enticing effect color has on them

4. Metallic Logo Designs

Metallic logo designs are not a new idea but in 2019. They feature as one of the top logos. Something exceptional about metallic logo designs is that they have a very powerful quality. Often, such logos are associated with the high-class.

Adobe spark’s free logo maker allows you to make your own professional logo. From that, you are able to expose your organization’s personality to the world.

5. Minimalist Logo Designs

As the name suggests, minimalist logo designs are premeditated to look simple but extraordinary. You don’t want it to be too sophisticated. You want it modest but with a lot of meaning and inspiration.

Such unsophisticated logos go well with all types of marketing supplies and brand strategies.

Logo Design Trends for 2019

Logo design trends for 2019 cover both glamour and simplicity. Bright colors are good for persuading the people. Metallic Logo designs have good quality and they are a depiction of class.

The responsive designs are good for many purposes. The minimalist Logo Designs are simple but impressive.

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