5 Key Elements to Build a Better Blog that can do More Business

Build your business blogging and get results

Are you still struggling to get the impact you want from your blog? A lot of blogs are created daily. Competition is getting harder and harder. It’s harder nowadays to build a blog that makes money. Even if you want fame (or whatever) from your blog, you still need to build a better blog that stands out from the crowd. Here are 5 keys to consider to make your blog better and get the most out of it. These tips are very valuable and you really need them to build any popular blog these days. They are essential in order to get any money or fame from your blog. Do you want to know the 5 keys? Then continue reading! I am sure you’re gonna love it. Ahmed Safwan is an expert Blogger and a talented freelance writer. If you really enjoyed this post, Ahmed Safwan has a new blog launching soon and you can subscribe on the coming soon page and you will get our Ebook “Create Compelling Content that attracts readers and search engines” worth $47 for free. Go now and check To Start Blogging to learn How to Build a Blog that Builds your Multi Six Figure Business Online?. Let’s go.

1- Narrow your niche.

If you are in a big shop and someone says, “Come here if you are interested in some good clothes”, and another one says, “Come here if you are interested in men’s/women’s clothes”, which will you choose? Of course the second one. And what if he says, “Come here if you are interested in great men’s/women’s jackets”? If you need a jacket, you will of course go to the last one and leave the other 2 shops, even if they are bigger. This is the power of narrowing your niche. Be as specific as you can. Having a narrow topic will makes you stand out from the crowd, attracting the right readers (as I will show in tip 2). This will make you profit more. Great tip, yes? When Brian Clark of Copyblogger first started his blog, he talked about how to write better posts. Not about how to blog, but how to write magnetic headlines, how to create engaging content that attracts more readers, and how to use copywriting in blogging. Did you see that? He wasn’t talking explicitly about blogging and how to make money from it. He was talking about only one thing: how to write better posts. You can use the halo effect to broaden your range, but it’s best to do this when you become popular. This is what also Brian did. He is now blogging about email marketing, SEO, landing pages, Internet marketing and many more topics. But he is also considered a master to this day.

2- Identify your reader.

Just as you need to go narrower, you also need to identify your reader. Are you targeting men or women? Newbies or experienced bloggers? Amateurs or professionals? Think more in this binary way. Also, you may want to consider ages, locations and so on. Remember the first example of the shops? When the shop was targeting only jackets, you went straight to it. It wanted people that were interested only in buying jackets. You loved going there as opposed to other markets that target all people. So, identify your reader and make the reader think that you are the best for them versus other blogs in your niche–even big players.

3- Give more value before you sell.

Nowadays, a lot of spammy products are created. There are a lot of so-called gurus that say that they are experts, and they don’t have enough expereince to sell high quality products to their readers. They don’t know how to transform someone from point A to point B. That’s why readers nowadays don’t trust all the gurus. You want to prove that you aren’t another guru. You want to prove that you are a real expert that they can trust. You want to show them that you can take them from point A to point B. That’s why you need to give them high-quality content that teaches them, inspires them, and makes them really think that you are an expert. You need to give value for your readers before you even pitch them your product. See how Jon Morrow of Copyblogger pitched his Guest Bloggingproduct for his readers. He offers high quality videos that give a lot of value and make readers more interested in the product. So, give your readers more value; THEN pitch them your products. This way, you will generate a lot of sales.

4- Give your readers more attention by interacting with them more.

You must care more about your readers. Give them higher-quality content. When they like the content and take time to comment about it, thank them for the comment and answer any of their questions. Also, you can create a post to answer a question if necessary. When they share your content a lot, thank them for sharing. When they comment regularly, shoot them an email and thank them. Also, you may give them a simple prize, like a high-quality ebook and so on. Also, answer emails you get from your readers. Interact with your readers. Show them that you really care about them. Make them feel that you are the expert that they can come to whenever they have any problem.

5- Network with Personality.

Blogging without building relationships with big bloggers spells massive failure. In Jon Morrow’s Copyblogger post, Why No One Links to Your Best Posts (And What to Do About It), he says that pro bloggers won’t link to bloggers they don’t know. They get spammed with a lot of link requests. That’s why they ignore all the emails even if your post is a really epic one. So you should start networking with bloggers. Here are some tips to help you network better:

  • Be interesting.
  • Start conversations on Twitter.
  • Deepen the relationship on Facebook and Google+.
  • Write high quality guest posts for their blog.
  • Don’t lie.
  • And most importantly be personal.

Yes, big bloggers in your niche are really great people, but at the end of the day, they are human like us. Be personal when you network with them.

Last Words:

Now, you have really great 5 keys that can take you from nowhere to being noticed online and making a lot of money. What you really need to do now is to start taking action. Remember: with no action you won’t get any results. So Start Now. Take action. You CAN secure your spot at the top.


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