4 Tips for Creating a Catchy and Effective E-Commerce Landing Page

E-commerce being attractive

You might have the greatest products at the most affordable prices, but if your landing page on your e-commerce website is lackluster and ineffective, customers might not be compelled to take the crucial step and place an order. An attractive and eye-catching landing page will do more than merely look great, it can help inspire potential customers to complete the conversion. The following tips can help e-commerce business owners make sure their landing page is as powerful as possible:

Remember, Less is More

While you might be tempted to put all of your business-related cards on the proverbial table and include gobs of information on the landing page, it’s much better to make it as clean and simple as possible. Refrain from adding in pop-ups, flashing graphics, and too many colors or fonts—that will just make your landing page look overwhelming and too busy.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Almost a third of all web activity is now through mobile devices, according to Marketingland. In addition, having a website that looks great on a mobile device can even double the chances of conversion. In order to capitalize on this growing trend, it’s vital that your landing page be easily seen and navigated on tablets and smartphones. For example, it must load quickly, be easy to read, and have plenty of places to click. Although any type of small business would do well to have a landing page that is mobile-friendly, companies that sell electronic accessories and books should be especially sure that this is the case, as chances are good your customers will then use your products on their mobile devices.

Grab Their Attention

Your landing page only has about eight seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention, notes Scale My Business. If the site doesn’t manage to do that, chances are good he or she will move onto the next web page. In order to make those eight seconds count and lead to a conversion, the landing page must clearly show people what your offer and how you will solve their problems. It should also help to explain what sets you apart from the competition in a very clear and concise way. Keep in mind that a lot of people will land on your site while they are browsing the Internet, and they probably already passed on several similar businesses.

Let your landing page say and show why you are worth sticking around. For example, the landing page is not a place to talk about yourself—make it all about your products and services and how you will help people. Companies that have a lot of inherent competition are especially advised to use this approach. For example, if you are one of a dozen tire shops in your area, your landing page should include compelling wording that will lead to a conversion. This could be a special offer, 24/7 road service, or another attractive feature of your business.

Inspire Customers to Act

Another effective technique for a compelling landing page is to include some sort of call to action, or CTA, that will inspire visitors to the site to do something on the page. This can be a large button to click that will take them to a page to leave their contact info, a link that takes them to a short video about the company, or a clickable phrase like “learn more.” For example, incorporate a billing system and make it easy for your customers to sign up for your services, or make a purchase with a recurring bill pay that can easily be accessed from a landing page.


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