Doctors: Update Your Websites. Here’s Why.

As a doctor, you have many expenses to look out for. It’s certainly difficult to hear about implementing changes to your practice, especially for a website, but they can be crucial to your job. Here are four reasons your health information technologist may suggest updates.

Your Patients Value Education

Provide as much patient health education as possible. Updating your practice’s website grabs the attention of your current and prospective patients. Providing educational content proves you are a qualified provider. Anyone searching for information about symptoms they are experiencing or a recent diagnosis is likely to find your site in a local search result.

Online Bill Payment Options Mean More Money in Your Pocket

Online Payments
Online Bill Payment Options Mean More Money in Your Pocket

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Your patients want the ease and convenience of bill pay with your site just as with any other creditor. Consumers prefer to pay their bills online.

Due to insurance adjustments or other factors, many patients do not pay their balances on the date of their office visit. You’ll find your customers will appreciate online bill pay, and you’ll get your payments fast. You’ll save time and money with the reduction of paperwork, use of stamps, and embarrassing mailing errors.

Help Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions

Help Patients
Helps Patients with Chronic Medical Conditions

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In several ways, having access to electronic medical records helps patients with chronic medical conditions. For one, they can keep track of their own medical records as opposed to constantly contacting your office. Patients are also more engaged in their own care if they can review their entire medical history. They ask questions, research, and understand their medical condition better.

Activities doctors enable their patients to perform online include:

  • Update their personal contact and billing information
  • Review their medications
  • Review radiology and cardiology reports
  • Print their immunization records
  • Forward their medical records over to other specialty clinics

Although it could do more harm than good if your patients had full access to update their electronic medical records, your health information technologist can make it so that they aren’t able to make drastic changes. This is partially why many go back to school and obtain their masters in health informatics degree.

You Need a Responsive Mobile Site

Mobile marketing is growing fast. Consumers are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to do the majority of their gaming, education, and research. They browse from the convenience of their couch while they are watching television, lying in bed ill, or on the road traveling. So, your website must meet the demands of your patients wherever they are.

Great content is important for your mobile site, but you must be careful with the layout. Your mobile site should be responsive enough that the content fits their mobile screen. The navigation buttons should be structured so that users can click on them with no overlaps or need to zoom in to tap. Make sure to check out these calls to action to implement on your website.

Talk to your health information team today. You’ll find that updating your practice’s website is beneficial for you, your staff, and your patients.


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