10 Web Design Trends you can Expect to see in 2013


This article aims at discussing 10 web designing trends that are going to rule the market in the year 2013.

Browsing through apps rather than mobile browsing

With mobile devices being stuffed by internet applications, it is more than likely that internet browsing especially for the social Medias like Twitter, Face book, Google+ and Google will be done by these apps rather than the mobile device itself.

User Experience Design or UX

An evaluation of what the users want is done by the web developers before a website is designed. The three major elements of UX designing are data architecture, usability and interface design.

Responsive Web Designing

Fluid design or responsive layout is not a new concept for the web designers. With a responsive design, a website can look good on different devices with different resolutions and contrasts. Irrespective of the screen size, with responsive design the websites are readable, effective as well as attractive. Responsive layouts are more efficient with the introduction of HTML5.

Bidding Adieu to Flash

Adobe flash player has been a dear friend of the computer users for several years. But, with the introduction of the hyper-text markup version 5, it is time for Flash to make way for the new software.

Interactive or Parallax Scrolling Used for Website Optimization

Vertical scrolling will be the trend in 2013, a method much easier than the horizontal scrolling. With the new trend of parallax scrolling, websites become all the more alive and they are even more easily navigable. With this type of scrolling one can scroll graphics at the same direction, in different speeds, creating an interactive visual treat.

Importance of Social Media shall Increase in 2013

There is no doubt that Social Medias are one thing about the digital world that are growing both in popularity and in usage at a fast rate. Therefore, one would be a full not to realize that inclusion of social media badges in a particular website is becoming indispensable.

Cool Typography

2013 brings something more attractive and creative than the popularly used Arial font. Whichever kind of template you needs will be available for you from the CSS 3’s FontFace. All you have to do is use the URL as reference and beautify your site all the more.

Minimalistic Single Tone Colors

This refers to the usage of a particular color tone throughout the entire site. The minimalistic trend will ensure that the concentration of your readers is fixed upon the content rather than the attractive site design and graphics.

Highlight Boxes are the ‘In’ Thing

JavaScript sliders are useful, yes. But, highlight boxers can be great alternatives. This static box consists of an image in the background, while having a punch line kind of an article header at the top. New and different colours can be used when one decide to replace the old sliders with these.

Arrival of Newer Web Development Companies

For those who were under the opinion that the market is flooded with web development companies, lo and behold! There is even more to come. With more number of companies emerging to offer quality services to the users, the cost of availing a web development service will be going down. The more the competition the more will be the chances of availing quality service at a lesser expense.

Desc: This article discusses ten web development trends that are going to be popular in 2013.

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