10 Best Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Joomla Engineer

Need a Joomla engineer to design a win-win solution to bring the engineering startup to success? While interviewing Joomla engineers, these 10 queries will lead you to a good hire.

In 2021, thousands of world-class engineering specialists offer their services on various job boards with the goal to implement their expertise and novel technologies to improve industries. However, hiring someone that knows what to do and who you can rely on is a challenge. This story is about Joomla engineers. However, there is no need to worry as this article was generated exactly so startup owners can avert the wrong hire. Discover the features of the ideal Joomla engineer you should try to find. Also, check the 10 best questions to ask them during interviews to succeed. Let’s start!

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The Joomla Engineer Market

The first thing startup owners should remember is that Joomla engineer is a blurred term; it is just slightly less versatile compared to a web developer.

That is why startup owners require being more precise with their criteria when it comes to hiring engineers. They must be aware of what kind of work engineering candidates should accomplish and what results they can expect from them.

Get acquainted with the 4 traditional areas of qualification and relevant outsourcing salary ranges in the Joomla engineer market:

· Website Builder.

This engineer implements their powerful knowledge of templates and extensions to create websites with the help of already generated solutions. Frequently, they have some graphic design skills, so they can introduce small development modifications.

Website builders aren’t highly tech experts. However, they are a great fit for a wide range of small businesses and maintain a great value for a lower market price, usually finalizing solutions from 300 to 2500 US dollars.

· Template Skinner.

This engineer is proficient in CSS and HTML. They can use other engineers’ designs and build a template out of it, converting it into a useful development for a Joomla website.

Such engineers are the ideal support for graphic designers that require transforming their solutions into Joomla websites. Based on the design, template skinners frequently earn between 600-1400 US dollars per solution.

· Web Designer.

The engineering professional has identical knowledge of the above-mentioned type, but also generates non-standard designs as well as modifies current designs.

Their value is traditionally measured depending on their design qualification. However, the majority of web designers earn in the 3000-10000 US dollars range for startups, based on their talent and the functionality/size of the website.

· Extension Developer.

Finally, this Joomla engineer is high-quality technical and builds only non-standard extensions for Joomla. Additionally, they can apply their experience of how the CMS operates to cope with function-oriented issues.

As a rule, their salary strongly depends on their experience. They work mostly on an hourly payment. In the US, a market rate is about 100 US dollars hourly.

Note that it is a usual practice for some Joomla engineers to work in several categories in parallel. For instance, a Joomla engineer may be a great specialist as a site builder and template skinner at once.

How to Identify a Good Joomla Engineer

A startup owner can have a basic assumption that their project is a one-time event and that once finalized it will be set for ages. However, it is the wrong strategy to think so.

Innovative technology and web development are permanently modified. It is safe to assume that in a year of releasing your solution you will require support with your Joomla website. Revealing talented Joomla engineers needs titanic effort and persistence.

The clue to success lies in considering potential candidates as partners you will possess long-term collaboration with. It resembles discovering a skillful doctor. So, your recruitment strategy should be based on the approach of finding a potential long-term design team member.

Startup owners should determine their requirements when it comes to identifying a talented Joomla engineer. Most probably, before discovering this blog post, a thought “My startup needs a Joomla developer!” appeared in your mind. Chances are that you further googled “Joomla developer.” This strategy simply wastes your time.

In case you have no idea regarding what exactly you want, you will go there by a circuitous route, negotiating with the irrelevant specialists. Alternatively, spend some time to shed light on your requirements.

That will not only organize your ideas and economize your time but also avert paying a Joomla engineer an hourly rate to sort out what you truly require.

Before you initiate the search process to find a Joomla engineer, get acquainted with several activities that your potential specialist should be capable of performing:

· Developing, testing, introducing, and controlling software apps;

· Changing ongoing software to satisfy business needs;

· Assessing the software usability and performance;

· Integrating platforms;

· Designing quality assurance testing strategies;

· Introducing software;

· Checking platforms;

· Training clients/users.

Places to Find Joomla Engineers

In 2021, 2 key resources are effective when it comes to choosing potential places to discover such specialists.

· Referrals.

The reality is that checking the Internet is only partially helpful in figuring out a skillful Joomla engineer. On the contrary, referrals are 100 % a great approach to finding them. In case you have colleagues or friends that practice Joomla, ask them whether they could recommend a great candidate for your startup.

However, your task is to ensure that they have truly partnered with a certain specialist. Getting to know someone via a conference/networking event is never the same as working hand-in-hand with them. You should get a referral from a specialist that has collaborated with a Joomla engineer and knows everything about their skill level.

· B2B engineering marketplaces.

They are considered services that unite outsourcing engineering professionals with startups looking to establish a partnership with a Joomla engineer. The marketplaces will enable startup owners to look for engineers depending on their experience/skills and client feedback regarding projects they have designed.

So, you have discovered a candidate, and what is next? Interview! Now, it is time to look at the following 10 best questions to ask a Joomla engineer before hiring them.

Can you reveal several projects you have designed and the strategy you implemented to complete them?

Joomla engineer interview queries like this one will support startup owners in discovering the interviewee’s work style, i.e. the way they collect requirements, cope with issues, handle client feedback, manage QA, and perform duties in a team surrounding. Additionally, they will get the idea of whether a candidate pays much attention to the client experience.

Can I look at your Joomla portfolio?

Numerous Joomla engineers demonstrate their solutions via portfolios. Startup owners should ensure to look through a candidate’s customer work to get an idea of the development styles and client experience. Some Joomla engineers only include a couple of featured solutions on their portfolio so in case you desire to look at more of their work, simply ask them.

When considering their portfolio, try to understand whether their work sticks to contemporary tendencies, the websites they generated are mobile responsive and whether their work corresponds to the things you are searching for on your website. Additionally, clarify if the engineer possesses brilliant testimonials from previous customers.

Are you going to explore our current website before generating a novel one?

In case you possess an existing website, ask your potential Joomla engineer to deliver a website evaluation or commentary regarding your current solution to discover the candidate’s thought process.

A Joomla engineer sincerely interested in assisting you receive what you to require will never convince you to design a brand new website in case simply introducing a couple of tweaks to your ongoing site is everything you need.

By the way, in case you require importing data from the existing website into your novel solution and delivering links to a new domain, your task is to ask them about this experience.

What is your development procedure?

Ask your Joomla engineering candidate whether they possess a doc-based development process or utilize specific project management software. If the answer is positive, it is a powerful indicator that they possess strong experience and will move your startup (like a pro) through the whole web development from start to finish. A perfect candidate will preserve your business on task, within deadlines, and on budget.

What is a website that you hate? Why?

This Joomla engineer interview query can show the interviewee’s awareness of current challenges in web design together with their problem-solving skills. A great response is one where a candidate does more than simply complain about the work style of their team members. Skilled Joomla engineers will offer how to cope with practical cases, such as the way to optimize client experience or load times.

What CMS do you give preference to?

CMS or the content management system is applied to build and organize a website’s content unless you are designing a website coded from zero. A startup owner should be aware of what CMS a potential Joomla engineering candidate is applying to design your website in case you are planning to add content and support the website after release.

Can your CMS support e-com and growth? Will you be able to introduce optimizations on your own? Do you possess all the functionality your startup requires?

What support do you give once the solution is released?

In case you will want to introduce updates or other changes on your own, you should ensure that your Joomla engineer utilizes a user-friendly web system that is simple to apply so you can support your website yourself. Don’t forget to ask your candidate about website training sessions. Many Joomla engineers offer group training for employees and specific video tutorials for customers. In case you want to fully delegate support of the website, ask a candidate whether they offer long-term support packages.

What is your action plan to guarantee an ideal experience on any device?

Adaptive web development is the community-recommended as well as an industry-recommended advanced method for designing a website that is not only smartphone-friendly but also powerfully optimized to build an adequate and dynamic client experience for any kind of existing devices. Realizing the way a Joomla engineering candidate treats mobile users, as well as adaptive development throughout the whole procedure, will be illustrative and even eye-opening.

Can you tell us about the latest criticism from your customer regarding the solution? What was your response?

Why should startup owners ask this query? It is normal that even the most experienced and talented Joomla engineers experience criticism from time to time. The way the interviewee answers to it can brightly demonstrate to you much about their style of communication as well as their emotional intelligence. An ideal candidate will show you that they feel comfy when it comes to protecting their decisions. Here is a checklist of brilliant responses:

· Try to identify a desire to learn from failures;

· Find out the proof that the interviewee is proud of every phase of their activity;

· A good answer will depict both self-confidence and readiness to innovative ideas;

· Search for indicators that a Joomla engineering candidate has implemented the things they have learned while designing recent solutions;

· Too negative responses are always a red flag.

In what way will you manage security and bug fixing?

Bug fixing, as well as security, are essential aspects of your website’s effectiveness and prosperity. A wide range of startup owners selects to have their outsourcing contractor host their websites to avert the necessity to handle the process in-house. However, to economize time and budget, it is better to delegate this responsibility to an experienced Joomla engineer that will join your in-house team. This expert knows what measures must be put in place to resist intrusions.

Finally, it is essential to realize the way all the updates will be managed and whether entire-site backups will be executed.



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