10 Best Joomla 2020 Extensions for CRM Websites

It is nearly impossible to name a product category that is filled with options but is dominated by a single brand. If you are a part of the majority that has only heard the name of WordPress that has a 60% market share when it comes to CMS, then you might not have any idea that WordPress actually has a close competitor too.

According to statistics posted on Hosting Tribunal, more than 2.5 million websites all over the world use Joomla. Joomla is the closest competitor to WordPress. Stylized as “Joomla!” it continues to have a fair market share because of its users and developers. It offers a distinct set of advantages over WordPress. A free and open-source content management system, it is built on a model-view-controller web application framework.

As CRM is becoming more and more popular with online businesses, it is easier to utilize a CMS to engage with your clients and customers.

Top 10 Best Joomla CRM Extensions In 2020

Here are the top 10 best Joomla CRM extensions to help you have an effective and efficient CRM system.



The first Joomla CRM extension that we would like to recommend is JoomCRM. It is an excellent choice for users who want to organize as well as increase their sales to help in quick business growth. It is easy to install, understand, and adapt as the user goal is basically all that it is based on. New startups and businesses are the primary consumers that benefit from this system. Following are some excellent features that the extension provides:

  • Contact management and website conversions
  • Calendar support to manage tasks and events
  • Updated Joomla system support
  • Custom as well as predefined reports
  • Documents management
  • Deals management




This is also a fantastic Joomla CRM extension that users should not ignore. Not only will it help you manage your organizational contacts effectively, but it will help you build a better connection between your content management system and your members. It mainly targets the non-profit and public sector organizations like NGOs, schools, and public hospitals where the customer base is big and too large to handle without system software. The extension has multiple sub-modules based on the CRM, and it further extends the data model into:

  • Civi Contivute
  • Civi Event
  • Civi Report
  • Civi Member
  • Civi Mail
  • Civi Case


10 Best Joomla 2020 Extensions for CRM Websites


It is one of the best Joomla CRM extensions. Placed at number three, it allows you to manage your business more prosperously. It gives you a wide array of choices to select from when it comes to CRM: Project Management

It is an all-purpose, beautifully designed software that is directed towards small to middle-sized businesses. Therefore, the following are the features it has to offer accordingly:

  • Single pointed communication
  • Generating invoices
  • Generating leads and quotas
  • Planning projects with ease
  • Powerful and strong inventory control
  • Easy and efficient accounting
  • A separate dashboard for Owner, Employees, Vendors, and Clients – all in one space
  • Smart graphics rendering and reports
  • Advance notification system
  • Extremely configurable




Placed fourth in a top 10 best Joomla extension list, it is a powerful CRM extension for Joomla fully equipped with features. With many benefits to account for, it allows you to store your own data on your own server safely. With CRMery, the user can easily manage all of their leads, contacts, companies, and deals in a single controlled environment. It not only comes with a fully functional mobile outlook but allows you to get information on any lead or contact you may want to form anywhere. CRMery helps its users access the large client base the company has without having to put in too much time or effort.




It works like a Joomla magic charm, JoomFuse is a powerful Joomla CRM Bridge extension that is the only one to have a sneak-peak option which comes with the new updated JoomFuse version 3. In addition to this, you can also manage the Joomla users, levels, and easily get access to your content on the Joomla website. With excellent integration of data type fields, it works like a premium jacket covering all bases. It is highly recommended for middle to big sized businesses. There many more amazing feature to it too:

  • JoomFuse updates
  • Promotion of revenue and loyalty
  • Completely tag driven inside Infusion soft
  • JumpStart packages with extra discounts
  • Joomla configuration and functionality

JoomFuse with JF Portal



A completely compatible extension with Infusion soft and its original features, JF Portal, gives you the possibility of controlling the detail information of account that includes invoices, credit cards, and subscription. Mainly it is the bonus of having prompt support with great functionality that makes Joomla Fuse with JF Portal a reliable choice between extensions. It is seamless and flexible to suit all types of business needs. One of the most fantastic features they have come up with is to hide subscription viewing that helps users to differentiate between main clients to just users. More features include:

Leads Capture for Salesforce



Leads Capture for Salesforce is a Joomla CRM extension that is mainly used to grasp data into leads. It works in case you want to submit contact information through your Joomla contact platform. Being a Salesforce CRM extension, it works best for businesses that focus on providing sales services or publications of products. It captures data like names, numbers, and email and put them for easy access at one place so that users don’t have to search through the whole forum for little details. Ranging the usage from the middle to large-sized corporations; it is perfect for generating salesforce leads.




A compelling Joomla CRM bridge extension, DTSuiteSugarCRM, gives you the possibility of synchronizing data and information with your particular Joomla contact. Due to this, you easily gain access to modules of SuiteCRM and SugarCRM, as well as initiate contact with them. Initiating contact is hard for certain businesses depending on which industry field they occupy. If it is a big corporation with smaller corporations as clients, then it provides an efficient way of connection. This is why this CRM extension works best for B2B relationships. There are some added special features to it like, you get:

  • The CRM URLs
  • Mapping fields and field markings
  • CRM extension passwords and codes
  • Contact modules of SuiteCRM

AmoCRM: form



It is a free downloadable Joomla CRM Extension that is made and used with compatibility to AmoCRM. To use Joomla’s website in a fast and effective way is through an extension having both plugins that are Ajax and module, AmoCRM. It is a form that allows the user to file in detail of its clients and provide combine access to all users. No need for sharing or transferring individual data files. You can easily search through the module using links and select pipeline contacts for your ease.




Last but not least is SugaryCB, a community builder extension. Easy to install and use, it is a must-have component with sweet added support. It enables you to map CB fields and generate record modules. You can even insert leads and contacts to the overall package it provides. Added features include:

  • Convert leads to contacts
  • Showcase all events and operations
  • Execute operations
  • Customer knowledge and understanding
  • Client information

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list above helps you in better understanding of Joomla CRM extensions that will help you in better handling of your customers and overall relationship management.

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